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Event Waiver

    Please fill out the event waiver form below before booking your event with Prissy Missy Spa
    Parent/Guardian Information

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    Child's Information

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    Medical information staff should be aware of, including allergies:

    Are there any foods or drinks that your child cannot consume?

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    Emergency Information

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    Parent Authorization & Policy Agreement:

    I, parent/guardian of the above named participant in the following activity,
    Prissy Missy Spa, hereby give approval for her participation
    in any and all activities during the duration of the program. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to participation including transportation to and from activities; and hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Prissy Missy Spa, local league organization, Prissy Missy Spa, sponsors, supervisors, officials, participants and all other persons involved in various capacities with the above activity for any claims, demands, or courses of action arising out of or by reason of the above activity for which the participant is registered. I also give my permission for the free and unrestricted use of my name and picture in any broadcast or written account of the event/activity.

    I also grant permission to managing personnel or other league representatives to authorize and obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or medical clinic should the participant become ill or injured while participating in said activity or any associated activities at times when neither parent/guardian is available to grant authorization for
    emergency treatment.

    In consideration of being allowed to enter the Prissy Missy Spa and/or participate in any spa party and/or program undersigned, on his/her behalf and the behalf of the participant(s) listed here, I acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant(s) named below, or I have obtained permission from the parent/legal guardian of the participant(s) named below to execute this agreement on their behalf. I agree that the participant(s) named below and I shall comply with all stated and customary terms, posted safety signs, rules, and verbal instructions as conditions for participation in any spa party and /or program at Prissy Missy Spa. In addition, if I observe any hazard during our participation, I will bring it to the attention of the nearest employee or official immediately. PRISSY MISSY SPA PARTY/ DAY SPA SERVICES ARE NOT PERFORMED BY A LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST AND IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. We do not used powered equipments, cuticles tools or harsh chemical during our mini manicure and mini pedicure services. We will attempt to use products that are considered safe for children however, we cannot guaranteed that there will not be an allergic reaction to products being used for skin, hair, and nails. Unfortunately, skin damage or allergic reactions can result from these kids of activities. Prissy Missy Spa is not responsible for any allergic reaction due to any services, actives, costumes or consuming any food, candy or beverage before, during or after the party, event, appointment, classes or camp. It is the responsibility of the guest’s or parent guardian to inform Prissy Missy Spa staff of allergies or any dietary restrictions. Prissy Missy Spa is not responsible to any slip or fall accidents or any accidents in general. Prissy Missy Spa staffs are trained professionals and will work to ensure that you and guest are treated in the most respectable manner and in a safe environment.

    I, the undersigned, parent/ guardian assume all risk and hazards incidental to participating in the activity including those that may arise out of the negligence of other participants and hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to protect, defend and hold harmless its owners, staff and participants for any claim arising out of any injury to myself/ child to the fullest extent allowed by law. I, the undersigned, parent/ guardian of the participant, am fully aware of the potential dangers and risk inherent in this activity, including physical injury, death or other consequences that may arise or result directly or indirectly from participation in all salon and spa services and activities. This is to certify that the participant(s) listed below is in good physical condition has no recent exposures that would be contagious to others, and has my permission to participate in the total program. In case of emergency, I hereby give my permission for Prissy Missy Spa on to any emergency room and hospitalization, I also authorize to secure the use of any ambulance, if necessary, for transporting the child to the hospital. I further agree to pay the hospital, doctors, and ambulance fee for all services rendered to the child(s) name above.

    I, the parent or legal guardian of the child/ children mentioned above grant Prissy Missy Spa, my permission to use photographs taken during this event for any legal use, including but not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, illustrations, advertising and web content. Furthermore, I understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.

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    For more information on our services or additional questions, please email info@prissymissyspa.com

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